Letters To Erin

This is a complicated love-story, timeless in essence, that is told through a series of letters and a string of words. Captivating and tear jerking, Letters To Erin will grab you by the heart-strings and never let go. Patrick, a young man with enough love for two, pours his heart and soul out onto paper, not intending Erin to ever read the words that would undoubtedly change his and her relationship forever.

From the beginning, a friendship is born, a hidden love blossoms, and a sacrifice is made. After Patrick decides to enlist in the army, intending to grow into the man Erin deserves, he entrusts his years worth of letters to John, Erin’s father. John’s idea of Patrick changes as he reads the words destined for Erin’s ears, and he finds himself rooting for the young man he now knows is perfect for his daughter. All that is left is for Patrick to make it back home, for Erin to realize Patrick’s undying love, and for the two of them to survive the process.

Introduction –

Any emotion can tie two people together – it’s simply interpersonal communication. A series of words strung together will cause an emotional reaction… so love, jealousy, joy, anger or any other human emotion can tie one person to another with just a few short words. It’s just the strength of the emotion that determines the type of bond that is formed, and its importance in a person’s life.

No emotion has the capacity to change an entire life in the way that love can. Men and women around the world alter their lives to the very core for love, before they’ve even found it, let alone after. Love could change the atmosphere of a day, and love could change the world in that day, but every day – from the beginning until the end of time – will not have the ability to change love.

This… this is a story about love. A love. Something ever-lasing at its core, that two people share, and would defend with every fiber of their being. Read this, and don’t be afraid to pursue that magically perfect string of words that will trigger the greatest emotional response man-kind will ever know.

Kyle Writtenword – a devote to true love

Why Letters To Erin, A Romantic Novel

The 34th Letter *Spoiler Alert*

Letters To Erin Ch. I

Letters To Erin Ch. II & III

Letters To Erin Ch. IV

Letters To Erin Ch. V


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